Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fun Stuff

My Oscar look made it to rikrak's bloggy slumber party! There are some really cool combinations going on. Check them out if you get a chance.

As you probably know by now, my breast friend and lady soul mate Laura moved to South Korea for a year to teach cute Korean kids words like "poop" and "headband" in English. Unfortunately, Laura had to leave her best dog sidekick Butter with her parents and siblings. I sent her a package last week, which she has now received. So I can share this with you:


It's stuffed Butter head! I was going to make it a full body snuggler, but I was utilizing an international flat rate envelope and had to keep his size down. His face is embroidered on one of Felix's flannel baby blanket and his back is soft fuzzy furry fabric. I think it turned out pretty cute and a close representation of living, breathing Butter the poodell (pronounced poo-DELL).

Laura and Butter

Also included in the package: coffee from the thrift store, hair flair, ranch packets, love, etc.

If you're considering a move out of America, may I suggest that you pack as much ranch dressing mix packets as you can fit in your suitcase. Ranch is pretty American and easy to take for granted. I know because I had my mom send me a Sam's Club thing of ranch mix when I lived in The Netherlands with the Chainsaw.

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