Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Check In


Consider yourself lucky to see how beautiful I am with bed hair and yesterday's make up. Consider yourself super lucky that I wasn't wearing my hair curly the day before- that bed hair could scare an innocent internet bystander.

Back to business! I officially made this adorable shrug ala crissybell Saturday morning. It did not take me long at all- less than half an hour. I have some puckers from not having the right needle for knits, but I think it turned out cute. Chainsaw wanted to know what it was and said it was "different." Then I told him he was different. :P Actually, I might have lied about that because I don't remember.

Anyway, thank you to Crissy for the excellent tutorial!

Dino Mittons

Dino mits from Mme Zsazsa? Created! This also took only a few minutes. However, I could not fit the bottom on my machine to sew it. I was also wondering how I could get it to stretch still with hand stitching, and I ended up doing a loose running stitch with embroidery floss and tying the knot with the mitten stretched to the max. Felix mostly uses them as puppets, so it's cool. I might even make him some other specific creatures for his puppet shows. Thank you for the great tutorial!

I've had a half cold for what feels like INFINITY, and did not finish my weekend goals. Of course, I usually don't expect to finish them all.


Crissy said...

oooh! I like it! :o)

poptartjuice said...

Those dino mittens are adorable! :)