Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My new wallet

I made myself a super cute new wallet today out of a hankie from the thrift store. It looked vintage and was with the vintage hankies at the thrift store, but it says Ford on it and has a pink ribbon? I don't think they had pink ribbon breast cancer awareness back in the day. Anyway, my wallet.



I think it turned out awesome. My only beef is that I made it just a smidgeon too short one way, making it a tight squeeze for my cards. It's usable though, that's for sure. I plan on making a few more of these for the shop soon. They'll be altered so that your cards will slide in like butter, Hot Butter! :)


Vintage Sheet Wallets


Black and Yellow Wallets


This is the custom ring pillow I made for a dog to wear during a wedding. I hope the bride to be likes it! I think it looks exactly like her drawing, so I think we should be ok!

I'm drawing for the giveaway tomorrow at 4 pm mountain time. Don't forget to go enter here.


Kelly L. Meyer said...

Oooh, lovely wallets! My favorite is the one with the money in it.

Cheney said...

I'm the bride to be...and I LOVE it! The funny thing is you used the same black and white print that we used for napkins at our engagement party! How crazy...great minds think alike ;)

Hannah B. said...

Love*Love*Love the wallet! :D Totally jealous!

{eleise} said...

WOW...I love your new wallet! Great work!!!

Susan said...

oh i love that wallet, so super cute!

Emily said...

Those wallets are fabulous...how creative. Not to mention the ring pillow is divine.

Rachel Beyer said...

LOVE YOUR WALLET! I have been wanting to make myself one for months but can't find the tutorial online that I want and haven't had the time to sit down and make one up myself. Great job!

(ps. found you via Club Indie! See you in class!)

amanda said...

so glad you found me in our indie biz class! i would so love to go thrifting sometime... you probably know the good spots better than i do. im a newbie to denver thrift stores. : ) p.s. im in love with that red white and blue wallet. i'm heading to your etsy shop now to see what other goodies you have haha