Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Action Shots!


I took a few action shots of me sewing today. Just thought I'd share!




Isn't my new dress lovely? I got it at Forever 21 (or uh, XXI Forever, as it says at my mall) for like $7.99. I walked in there fully prepared to buy some summer dresses at full price, and instead I found a few good deals.

I've been doing some creating with feathers, and I'll be back tomorrow with a fun feather diy. :D I hope your week is lovely so far. We just enjoyed a 76 degree (it probably got higher than that) day, and it was glorious!


Lilly Higgins said...

These are way cool, good idea. The last one is my favourite, real concentration! Your list of 24 things to do before 25 is a great idea too, I have a similar list that includes some of the same stuff but I'm 26 so I have way more stuff to do. 2 more things to be exact.

Becky Farley said...

:) pretty gal! I love the facial express shots! Can't wait for the DIY project and yes can you do one on the tag things. They don't have the inkjet fabric at Michael's - I'll check Joann's. But a tutorial on making tags would be cool! I love the look of your tags!