Friday, March 26, 2010

Package from afar

What does it mean when you receive a package and the packing paper looks like this?


It means you got a package from your breast friend in Korea. And by you, I mean ME, of course!


Laura couldn't resist this mug, even though she knows I have way too many. We do have a good friend pig story. The bottom says something about "fine living," which is awesome because I think it's from the 1000 won store, which is "less than a dollar" store to us.


Laura knows I love cigarettes, babies, and tattoos. I gave up my great cigarette love almost four months ago, but I can enjoy them now on these socks featuring three of my favorite things. These socks are for men, but I apparently Korean men have dainty feet!


These are Laura's favorite Korean treats. Do you see Felix on the side? He loves them too and had to race to the kitchen when he saw me retrieving them.


Aren't they cute? They remind me of those asian koala treats, if you know what I mean?


She got me this wooden bracelet at the Dongwhasa temple. It has a tiger on it, which is our symbol. It's also our year. Just so you know.

There are a few other pictures of some hair majesties and other candies on my flickr if you want to check them out.

Edited to add- I can't believe I forgot to show you the fabric! I was rushing out, and just wrote about the first few pictures I came across on flickr. I'll show that soon. :D

Thank you so much Laura!!

Now I need to get to work on her birthday package.

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Elizabeth said...

Hey Ashley!

I just wanted to wish you a happy happy birthday! I hope you guys are doing something extra fun.

Also, I received my Hot Butter delivery. I was super excited, and everyone loved their presents! (as always!)


PS: Fang says hi.