Friday, March 5, 2010

The luck is holding

Felix helped me design a present for a SUPER friend this morning.


Felix has his own Super Felix cape, and he is planning on playing Super Friends soon! His imagination has been so fun lately. He is usually a pirate, but there are times for being a super hero, dog, or ice cream man also. He even made his own money for me to give him when we play ice cream man. So cute!

I randomly came across an estate sale yesterday. It was my first one that was in a home and not an auction, and I have to admit that it felt a little weird to me, like I was taking someone's things out of their home and so excited at the same time.


I found these great metal canisters for 50 cents each. Felix said don't mind if I do, and they are now containers for some of his art supplies.

I also got my new girlfriend, a rolling metal cart that I'll use for storing sewing stuff, some plastic bins I'm going to use in the bathroom, an arts and crafts book from a long time ago, the potato masher of my dreams, and some small embroidery scissors.

The same day at the thrift store I found some super cool clothes that I think are kind of ugly as clothes but would make great accessories.


On the left is a yellow sheet, not that exciting. The middle is a button down shirt, and on the right is a black velvety feeling skirt. I was maybe going to shorten the skirt significantly and use the rest as fabric, but it's too small to be comfortable. It's going to turn into smaller and better things soon!

My great second hand luck as of late has left me dreaming a bit of trying to sell some vintage goods on etsy along with my handmade items. I find some great things that that I don't need/have room for that I pass up, but maybe I should be getting them to share? I have a ridiculous vintage carry on bag collection that I've created over the past month. I think I'll share my new OLD bags this weekend. See you tomorrow!

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Crissy said...

oooh, can't wait to see the vintage bags!