Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monster Talk with 3 Headed Steve featuring a Style Goal update

Number six on my Style School goal list was to increase my shoe collection. I think it's safe to say that that is one goal I accomplished big time:


I bought every pair at the same thrift store for 99 cents a pair.


The brown stripes and the black and white are two of my favorite pairs. Unfortunately, the heels on the brown pair are high and tiny, so I need some practice if I'm going to wear those. I might also need drugs to numb the pain. The black and white pair are vintage for sure and are cracking and yellowing on the white part. I'm going to keep wearing them anyway.

I plan to continue collecting shoes. I might make a list of the kinds I would like to have and start being a little more picky, but maybe not. They only cost $1 and are fun!

This goal was pretty effortless. I feel like I used to never ever find shoes my size at the thrift store, but I have been crazy lucky lately.

In other news, Felix and I developed a pretty cool new game based on this fabulous drawing:


That thing on the right is referred to as "The Light Monster." On the left we have 3 Headed Steve, whom I created. He is also topless and anatomically correct, if you noticed. Anyway, we now play a game in which we talk in our lowest, gravely-est voices and talk about great stuff like scaring and monster work. The other day we put on our weirdest monster suits and snuck upstairs to do some scare work. As it turns out, Chainsaw could hear us monster talking all the way upstairs and hid to scare us first.


Here's a sneak peak at a wallet I'll be listing tomorrow. I have a bunch to share!

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