Friday, March 12, 2010

New stuff! (Creative title, eh?)

Today I created this lovely (if I do say so myself!) wristlet from the black velvety skirt I bought last week.


I added a few pink buttons for good measure and made the strap a little more generous than I usually make them. It's already been listed in my shop.


Please say hello to my wallet's baby sister. She features the random blue part of the hankie I made these from. I'll be popping her in the shop in a bit, as she needs to be adopted and fed dollars and plastic asap!


I even measured out enough fabric to add in an extra row of card slots. This baby has 6!


I spent a couple afternoons working on 6 new clothesline pouches. I decided to make a few of them coed!

I've been working on updating the shop this evening, and I think I have the most items I've ever had in there, with more to come.

Jeffrey's bussing down tomorrow to go to a show with me. What are you doing this weekend?

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