Monday, February 22, 2010

The fruits of my labor

I did it! Ok, I did some of it!

Here's the skirt I promised myself I'd make:

Elastic Waist Skirt

It's made from a vintage sheet, and I think it turned out AWESOME. It took me around an hour. I think I might shorten it a couple few inches or so, but I'm down with making some more of these as soon as I have the fabric!

I embroidered one of my 99 cent grandma cardigans for Style School:

Embroidered Cardigan

It turned out pretty cute. I'm thinking about upping it's dorkiness by adding a big cursive A monogram on the other side. I think I got my newfound love for granny sweaters from my mom, who notoriously always has one at work. I don't think she wears them at home, but she has this baby blue grandma sweater that was always on the back of her work chair! Anyway, I've been wearing it all weekend. It's warm and looks good with everything, including my jammies.

Ok, gotta go to the post office and mail Laura's surprise package!!


Crissy said...

love the skirt! totally cute, as is the grandma cardigan!

Brooke said...

Super cute! I wish I lived closer. I really want to do a vintage-looking family shoot (I saw a photographer do a Mad Men inspired family shoot, their client's idea, and that is where I got the idea).

You would be perfect for it.

I BLEED PINK said...

I love everything in this picture!! Danm I need to learn how to sew!!

Becky said...

It did turn out awesome!! So pretty!

So I did it, I felted and it sucked lol It's zero fun and I stuck myself and broke two needles!

AJ said...

Great skirt! Love your headband too :)

OneCraftyFox said...

Fantastic! Yay vintage :)

kawaii crafter said...

I really like the flower you embroidered on your sweater. I've never seen a .99 cardigan look so good. :)