Thursday, February 4, 2010

My first boyfriend

Rachel at Smile and Wave is doing a super cute series called "Love Notes." I like the cute stories about how couples met and/or first crushes, and I thought I'd tell you about my first boyfriend.

My first boyfriend ever (that I remember anyway) was Adam W. in kindergarden. He had the orangest hair and the cutest freckles.

(This isn't him, but you get the picture!)

When we'd line up to go back inside for recess I'd try to be in front of him so I could toss my head from side to side and smack him in the face with my huge ponytail or braid. We'd also play a variant of tag called "Kiss or Kill" where you had to catch someone and decide if you wanted to kiss them or kill them. I usually went for kill, and I feel that I owe Adam an apology for all the times I kicked him in the crotch in elementary school.

Alas, the 5 year old heart is a fickle thing, and I had to dump Adam in first grade for the new red headed kid with freckles, Kameron F.

I think I grew out of my red head obsession by second grade, where I set my sights on the brown haired new kid. Maybe my next obsession was the new kid?

I was lucky enough to attend Adam's wedding last fall, where he joined is spirit with a pretty girl who hopefully doesn't kick him in the crotch or slap him across the face with his hair.

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