Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm so happy he can see and smell!

I made Felix a sock monkey when he was really little. I sewed the whole thing by hand, and I gotta admit that he's a little wonky. I never finished him. He has been featureless for ages. Today, Felix convinced me sew some buttons on for eyes. Then he needed nostrils too. Nostrils are super important to Felix. That's why all his drawing look a little like pig people. It's all about the nostrils, see?

This is a drawing of Laura's mom.

See how happy he is? He instantly started hugging it and claiming his undying love. Also, if the monkey walked on all 4 hands/feet he would look like a dog, right?

Here we are all happy together. One reason I'm happy is them giant spectacles. I don't like sunglasses, but I'm thinking about leaving the lenses in these bad boys for the times when I HAVE to wear them. I end up having to borrow Chainsaw'a sun spectacles on road trips when I am driving and blinded by solar rays! Not anymore!


Crissy said...

aw, what a cute sock monkey!!
thanks for entering my giveaway!


xoxoKrysten said...

Aw that is way too cute!