Thursday, February 18, 2010

Took a sick day

Sorry I was absent yesterday, but I felt the need to take a sick day. So I spent all day on the couch, sleeping when I could, and watching kid shows with Felix when I couldn't. If I hadn't of felt crappy, the laziness would have been absolutely delicious!

My fambly

Here's a style school project I finished the day before my sick day. I think I did kind of a bad job. I didn't have a small enough brush and ended up giving myself weird marks above my eye. I didn't have black paint, so I used a fine tipped black marker, which bled on the wood of Chainsaw's face. I might have to redo Chainsaw completely and fix my face somehow! I need to get some black paint!

New hair flairs are in the shop! So if you want to look fancy, go check them out. :D

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