Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Special Kind of Love

There is a special kind of love between a lady and her kitty cat. One of my favorite parts of the day is when I wake up and Jezebel Lincoln senses it with kitty magic. Then she crawls up onto my chest so I can pet her while she tickles me with her whiskers.


I totally told her to gaze into my eyes longingly, but she does what she wants.

I was actually trying to model my new iPod case that I made for myself. Apparently it's hard to get a good felt shot

Felt Ipod Holder

Excuse the weird cropping, but it looked kind of weird having a shot of my crotch. I also made the back have a velcro pouch to keep my ear buds in when I'm not rocking and a little flap to go over the top to keep everything in super good. I have two different cleaning jobs, and I wouldn't want my rock machine falling out and breaking!

Felt Ipod Holder

Last night I crocheted up my first slouchy hat. It's hot pink, which is a cool color in my book.

Slouchy Hat

I also wanted to share a crocheted bow I made. I used to think it was too big, but now I think it's too cool not to wear constantly.

Big Turquoise Bow

Back to crochet work for me! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. :D

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