Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Monday!

I skipped out on posting last weekend because I was pretty boring all weekend. Nothing to see here folks! Actually, that's not true.

I made this pretty pink silk rose hair piece.

Dupioni Silk Hair Piece

Dupioni Silk Hair Piece

Isn't it glamorous? No action shots because it's quarter past hair wash day around here. I know, gross, right? :D

Pin Cushion

Here's the pretty pin cushion Sara Kate made me for Leigh Ann's swap.

This is the one I made for her. This is her photo. I was going to the post office right after I finished this, so I packed it up and sent it before I remembered to take a few photos. Oops! So special thanks to Sara Kate for taking a lovely photo.

Chainsaw bought me this gorgeous ring for Valentine's Day.

Owl Ring

I know it kind of looks like I lost all my fingers in a factory accident, but it's just hard to take a picture of a ring that is on your finger and hold the camera still to get a clear shot. I really like how cool it's eyes look in this photo, but they are actually citrines and look yellow in real life. It's from etsy shop Western Mountain, and they have tons of cute stuff! I think the owl eyes are supposed to be birthstones, but I liked the citrines best.

I followed a bit of Pioneer Woman's advice and made Linguini and Shrimp for special VD dinner. It was super easy and extra delicious. I couldn't find already peeled shrimp and enlisted Chainsaw's help for that part, but it tasted like a million bucks. I'm also pleased with the knowledge that I have an extra pound of shrimp in my freezer waiting for me to eat them. They're shaking in their shells, which they're lucky they have!


Sara Kate said...

Hooray! Thanks again for the lovely pin cushion. Glad to see your new one already in action! (And I have to say I cracked up at the "quarter past hair wash day" ... it's one of those days for me, too!)

LeeAnn said...

Dirty hair is healthy hair! Er um, natural oils and stuff? Good thing I have a job or I'd be quarter past hair wash time all the time! So is that hair piece on a clip? I really need to make some cute feather head bands. I am falling hard for them.

Hannah B. said...

*Love* the different elements together in the flower! Gorgeous!