Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekend Goals

I usually waste my weekends. Like I spend all week watching Felix, sewing, cleaning, blah blah blah, and the weekend comes, Chainsaw isn't working, and I do pretty much nothing. I do sleep in one day, usually Sunday if you need to know which morning is more kosher for early (and by early I mean after 8:30) morning calling. I have friends whose kids wake up while it's STILL DARK. Not mine, ladies, and if he does wake up while it's still dark, he can turn the light on and play with his toys until Mama's ready to drag herself out of bed.

"Sleeping" Felix

Not this weekend, kids! Ok, I do still plan on sleeping at least until 8:00am or longer on Sunday. It's good to stay consistent on some things, right? So here are my goals:

1. Measure windows. I want to make curtains. I haven't found the right fabric/sheets yet, but knowing the measurements I need will be a step in the right direction, right?

2. Make this skirt from Freshly Picked.

That looks so easy that even I should be able to do it! I think all I would need is some big ol' elastic. Which brings me to..

3. Go to the craft store in Boulder. I've looked everywhere that craft supplies are sold in my town for yellow piping and the perfect black and white fabric to make a ring bearer pillow (for a dog!) for a friend (of a friend)'s wedding. She also asked me to make card wallets for her bridesmaid gifts, so maybe I should add the making of 7 wallets to my to do list.

4. Pick a Style School project to work on. I can't believe Style School is pretty much over. :( At least I have managed to stretch it out indefinitely by having tons of projects that I'm behind on.

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