Friday, February 26, 2010

Let's talk a little about Style School

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The first thing I have to say about Style School is that it was AWESOME. It has been really fun and totally gave me the guts to dress and live more expressively. Does that make sense?

I've always known that I like these things:
big glasses
hair flowers
hair pieces of all sizes (including pretty big)
bright colors

plus more probably.

I didn't really have the guts or ambition to do anything about my love for more of those things. Now I do all of it in addition to new things I learned that I like.

I'm not sure how many of the projects I have finished, but I plan on doing almost every single one. I have a pile of supplies on my table ready to go!

Here's are my completed Style School projects:

My faux vintage brooch wreath

faux vintage brooch wreath

My photo wall art (with faux polaroids. double faux so far guys!)

Photo Wall Art

My pocket pillow, which was a bonus project:

Pocket Pillow

Chainsaw said he had had that shirt since he was 16! I didn't even know that when I cut it up, but at least we're using it now instead of ignoring it in the closet, right?

My quote pillow, which wasn't turned into a pillow at this time. It is now and looks cute with it's friend Pocket Pillow!

Quote Pillow

My first vintage tie headband- made from vintage handmade vintage ties!

Vintage Tie Headband

My Woodland Yarn Flower Arrangement:

Woodland Yarn Flower Arrangement

My Upcycled Embroidered Bag:

Upcycled Embroidered Camera Bag [Project 20]

Am a little addicted to these vintage bags now, but that's a story for another day!

My wonky wooden fambly:
My fambly

My embroidered cardigan:
Embroidered Cardigan

Another thing I can't wait to multiply.

My wardrobe remix leg warmers:

Leg warmers and new shoes

I've made two pairs of these already!

I have a couple other projects I haven't photographed because I don't love them. I have much more to say about Style School...tomorrow! :D

Happy Friday friends! I'm going to go finish some cute new wallets and maybe even design a new wallet style. What are you doing today?


Becky said...

The quote pillow is my favorite! You made some very awesome projects! I should have taken this class, I took the last one and loved it, but I'm kinda a slacker at making the stuff! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Crissy said...

You've made way more projects than me! I still have unfinished ones from the last class. Next on my list is the quote pillow - I love yours!