Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I crocheted like a crazy lady while in SD (ok, maybe like a kind of crazy lady- I did other stuff too!).

I finished the green hat of my dreams.

My green hat

I also bought pretty, soft grey yarn and got to work. For some reason I crocheted it way too loosely, and it was too big for my head. So I gifted it to Kris, who added a glorious brooch from Grandma Mary Ann's stash, creating a hat masterpiece!

Doesn't she look fabulous?? It's a picture my dad took with his phone, so it's not the best ever.

Now both my moms have hats handmade by me! Next up- friends and sisters! They might have to wait until next Christmas for me to perfect another pattern.

I made another adorable tie headband today while catching up on one of my favorite programs- Big Love. I'm waiting for my fro to dry before photographing it. I also sewed some buttons onto some shirts- one shirt having been bought at the mall with Laura when Felix was like one. A button fell off the first time I wore it, and I just found it in the basement waiting for me. I just waited almost 3 years to do a 5 minute job. Thank cod for to do lists. I'm to do list out of control!

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Andrew and Shawna said...

Love that green hat! Amazing! And it looks incredible on you!