Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hair Flair

So I have clean hair today AND I made a couple more silk hair pieces.

Dupioni Silk Hair Piece

This one is lavender and has a pretty white and gold vintage button center.

Dupioni Silk Hair Piece

This one is all mine! It's buttery yellow, and the center is part of a vintage clip on earring I got from Grandma Mary Ann's collection that my stepmom Kris is the executor of these days. It looks so snazzy, and, even though we never met, I think Grandma Mary Ann would approve if she were here!

Tie Dye Hair Clip

This cutie is the hem of a tie dye dress I cut up for another project. I absentmindedly crocheted it one day, and it now resides on this hair clip. It has triplet sisters that joined forces into a braided rope I wear as a necklace from time to time.

This is my Upcycled Embroidered Camera Bag for Style School.

Upcycled Embroidered Camera Bag [Project 20]

I think it turned out super cute! The hardest part was threading the needle with yarn, but I got it worked out eventually. The project was to turn a bag into a camera bag, but I don't think I'll use it for that. I'm not sure if I'm using it for good or evil yet.


OfficeTYPE said...

The bag turned out so cute and your hair accessories are very sweet!

Michelle said...

Your silk hair pieces are so cute, and your bag is lovely! :) I'm so behind on my own Style School homework...lol. Goodness. :)

{eleise} said...

Cute bows & even cuter bag! how lovely!